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Rachel C

Every one of the seven massages I’ve had so far by Julie has been utterly divine!  My first session was a rejuvenating full body, deep tissue massage.  The next six sessions were amazingly effective facelift massages.  I don’t consider myself a very wrinkly old lady (yet!) but I walked out of Devine Touch after each facelift session and truly looked like I did back in the 80’s!


Before we began each session, Julie asked if there were any areas that may require additional focus and then during the sessions she was able to read the way my muscles reacted to her techniques to ensure that every one of them was properly releasing tension.  After the body massage, I stood taller and felt wholly tranquil.  After the facelift massages, all lines, wrinkles, bags, and even my awful jowls were smoothed away;  my face and neck were toned and my entire body felt relaxed.


The Devine Touch spa is located in a semi-residential home which gives it a certain aura of coziness.  The studio is clean, the room’s temperature is comfortable (I’ve been during both summer and winter months), and it is pleasantly lit. Julie uses any number of essential oils and incense that can be changed based on your mood or needs.  All-in-all, it is a very serene environment.


Julie is a certified massage therapist who cares about her clients and who is very skilled -and practiced- at ensuring the most beneficial results for her clients.  I will definitely continue to use her exemplary services! ype your paragraph here.

Kat M.

My crazy life can take it's tole. Always rushing from one place to the next, it is no surprise that taking the time to detox and unplug is a must! Looking for a very good massage therapist can involve some effort because they can be hit or miss.

My lower back in shambles I had my first session here. Trying to book an appointment with Julie can be harder to schedule without some advance notice. Michael on the other hand, took me in to work out the kinks that very week. I waddled my way into a cozy office and after a brief consult proceeded to get into a preheated massage table. The sheets were very soft and the warmth from the space inviting. Surrounded by artworks and plants I sank further into a meditative state. Julie and Micheal are an eclectic pair and are interjected in the community through arts, music, and a variety of cultural endeavors.

He is highly skilled and trained in deep tissue, neuromuscular, and relaxation/Swedish massage. That is what caught my eye, "neuromuscular" it gave me the impression that this treatment would be for more than just relaxation. Micheal was very informative during the entire session. He worked on my problem areas and explained how the muscle groups, tendons, and toxins can tighten, build up and cause problems.

I had requested deep tissue and that is certainly what I got. Sometimes it can hurt a little but it is easy to deal with when you feel your muscles give and relax. I wanted to feel like gumby after wards and I did. I was sore in some spots where trigger points were worked out, but the end result was phenomenal. My back felt better than ever! I wish I could make it here on a weekly basis and highly endorse the wonders of these treatments.

Just a note: Drink plenty of h20 because if you don't you might feel like you have a hangover without the fun. Very reasonable pricing too.

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